Me! The Man behind Xenium!

The Man behind Xenium!

I’m Joel Warby from the Internet. I’m the man that does everything here.. writes the blog, responds to your comments, sends you emails. You name it, I do it, so when you interact with Xenium here on the site, or on Facebook, you can know its me that’s on the on the other end of the Internet.

I’m a 22 year old man who has had his fair share of normal jobs, I love loud music and good food, I play cricket and write a blog (that you are reading now) explaining how the young generation of today can achieve anything they want in life.

But enough about me.. Lets talk about you!

I believe in you, the young generation of today, the 18 to 25 year old who have just started on the career ladder or are just about to get your first proper job. You may not know it yet, but at this stage in life you have the biggest opportunity that you will ever have. The opportunity to do anything you want in your life.

Now, that’s pretty big picture stuff I know… That’s why I’m here though. I will be explaining the small steps, setting out your path to achieve the type of things that make it easy to get up on Monday. Whether you dream of a life with no alarm clocks or whether you just want to do work that you believe in. I will set out the mentality and actionable steps that you will need to take, in order to achieve your dream.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what uber-successful blogger and entrepreneur Corbett Barr thought of one of my posts…

Corbett Barr - Webinar

To get things started off, send me an email at xeniumjoel@gmail.com letting me know one dream that you want to achieve and I will reply with some personal advice on how to acheive it..