The Single Way to Become Successful

Suc-cess – (n)

The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

It’s the one answer that pretty much everybody wants to know. “How to be successful?”, in the past plenty of people have had a shot at answering it (ironically with varying degrees of success).

Success applies to every single part of our lives, from our jobs to getting fit, and only you know what it means to you. It may mean that you want a successful career or you may want to be successful in running a Marathon. Whatever it is that you wish to be successful in, this single rule will always apply without fail..

After much thinking, debating and reading I believe I have finally found the single way that you can become successful, and since you have decided to follow Xenium, I feel its only fair that I share this with you.

The Key To Success

Once you have read how to be successful then you will have the same reaction as me, “I already knew that!” but its true what the famous Galileo once said, “You can’t teach a man anything, you can only him to find it within himself” most people already know how to become successful but they still don’t become successful. If you are wondering why, then don’t worry I will explain how success and failure are so closely aligned later on in this post.

So the key to success is simply this:

You have to set a habit of success. 

You need to set yourself a goal to achieve, and then make sure that you stay with it until you achieve it. And I mean really stay with it, you can’t give up you need to just keep persisting until you have achieved your goal. When a runner, runs the London Marathon nearly every single runner hits ‘the wall’ where they think they physically can’t run any more, now this is the moment when the runner decides that they will either become successful in finishing the Marathon by somehow placing each foot in front of the other, until they reach the finish line or try again next year. And the same will happen to you on your Marathon to success, you will come up against a barrier, or something will go wrong in your life, that you may feel makes it impossible to achieve the goal that you set out to accomplish at the start. You too will have to either find some way through that time, some way over that barrier and emerge successful or you will have to try again next year.

A strange thing will happen to the person who manages to complete their journey to success, the next time that they set a goal they will subconsciously already know how to succeed, even if this particular goal is new to them, their mind will have stored a template for success to apply again in another scenario. They will have set the habit of success.

The truth is this statement can be seen in every walk of life. Its no coincidence that people who are successful in one domain will naturally become successful in others, EVEN if they are not even the best qualified for that particular domain… They are just simply people that have learnt how to be successful and are able to duplicate their success and apply it in other domains. The exact same thing happens in the best sports teams around the world, the great Australia cricket team of the late 1990’s and 2000’s beat everyone that they played against, not because they were particularly any more skilful than other teams but just simply because they had learnt how to win and they had gotten in the habit of winning. If you want to be successful then you need to get into the habit of being successful.

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” Colin R. Davis
However the dangerous thing with setting this habit of success is that it applies equally to failure. Just as you can learn to be successful in a domain and then apply it to other areas, you can equally set the habit of failure and you can find yourself failing at in one goal and then subconsciously failing at other things.
Closing Thoughts
So as young people who want to become successful in life, who want to continuously improve ourselves, who want to beat our own path and inspire people we need to set the habit of success now. Not tomorrow, today! You need to set yourself a goal to achieve and make damn sure that you achieve it… And continuously carry on until you have achieved this goal. If you ever want to escape the 9 to 5 to live a life made of more then you can’t accept mediocrity today because it will lead you to learn to accept  mediocrity in the future and that’s precisely how people have started a career young and then found themselves at 65 getting handed a silver watch, left wondering where life escaped them.
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